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Crusader storm 2016 “low rider”???

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Hi all,


Is it me or do these things sit lower than most caravans, we mainly use full services pitches, but occasionally go on a just electric pitch, so when we’re on a FSP I can usually get the pipe to go down the drain with enough drop to work, but when I need to use a waste  master I can only get the narrow end under the van, which obviously won’t fill up to the top so have to keep emptying it more than I should.


i look at other vans (to be fair mainly single axles) and they sit much higher with loads of room for the thick end of the wastemaster to fit under, so are twin axles naturally lower, or just Elddis twin axles.


had 2 TA Elddis vans over 7years, but never thought to ask before...





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It is usually the length of caravan and the slope on the pitch that ends with the rear of the caravan lower .



The outlet on my Storm I always thought should of been near the wheel instead of at the back I thought of bending the run on my pipes to near the wheels as I had a mid bathroom and kitchen but the pipes run all the way to the rear .



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