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Damp issue

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Can anyone help? I have a 2005 Lunar Quasar 462. It has a musty smell (only when stored). I have recently purchased a moisture meter. I have tested all areas and have found damp in wardrobe . The area is where the grab handles (at the rear). Above the handle the meter had a reading of 0. The area below the handle,  the reading went higher the lower to the floor i went. Final reading 48%. 

Q1. Are the handles sealed on the body of the caravan?

Q2. Are the rear lights sealed.

Q3. Could the seals have perished.

I haven't had chance to check these out as yet, but any ideas on the possible cause would be greatly appreciated.


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I am concerned about the "0" it suggests that you may not be using the meter correctly!

Normally 0 is only found in freshly kiln died timber, and normal dry timber is more like 5-10%.

Unless you have a very sensitive nose a musty smell is more than one damp patch!

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