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Hymer Nova 580. - squeaky beds.

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we have a new-to-us two year old Hymer Nova 580.  It has squeaky beds.  It seems to me to be the metal frame supporting the slatted bed base that is the problem.  I have tried some silicone grease at the joints.  It has perhaps helped a little, however, mainly it seems just lowered to squeak tone a bit.  


Does anyone else else have a similar problem?


Has anyone any suggestions.

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I have a 590 and yes the bed does squeak. 

‘I have not done this because it does not bother us very much though at a curtain time the squeaking did make us laugh.

i was told you needed a wax not a spray My friend had bought some and on our next trip I may just borrow some and see if it works. 


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We also have a 590 and the bed does squeak.  Did the wax work?

ps very comfy bed I am currently reclining in it as I type😎

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Believe it or not talcum powder may well cure the problem. Sprinkle liberally around the area of the squeak, bounce up and down on the bed a bit (I shall refrain from ANY elaboration) to work the talc into the joints and see if that works. It very often does.


It also works well on squeaky laminate flooring joints. 


The other thing to check is that all of the frame fixings are tight, it only takes a tiny bit of movement to cause a squeak and joints can work themselves slightly loose over time.



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