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Our current storage provider is sadly due to be withdrawn so we are looking to move sites. 


I have googled and found a few places which might be worth considering, however I am aware that a lot of sites don't advertise widely so wondered if anyone knew of any hidden gems that would be suitable?


Looking for somewhere around Fareham/Wickham area but willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right place. 

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CMC site at Rookesbury Park may have storage?

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There's a great CL in Fareham,, Carefree Nurseries I have stayed there a few times and maybe worth a call to enquire if they can offer storage. Tel : 01329 842 297  Mr. Lutman




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This question came up last year and here is the answer I gave then. I can't guarantee that the information is still 100% correct but it's worth chasing up.


I live in Gosport and over the years have looked a few times.

There is one at the back of Highlands road, can't remember the name but will try and find it if you want me to. Over the years I have considered it but every time I go there to find out about it no one is there and  they were never good at returning calls. They may be much better now, I haven't needed storage for a number of years. Similarly  a couple of years ago there was someone who leased space at what used to be HMS Dryad at the back of Southwick village. You had to contact them to open up and meet them at the site but it was no problem . I used it for a year or so and was happy with it, at the time i think the cost was £60 per month.  

I think that there is a CASSOA registered on in Luckington lane in Cowplain and also storage in Emsworth  off the A259 between Emsworth and the Chichester roundabout.   I also think that Orchard Farm caravan site does some storage, that is very close to Chichester Caravans, in fact I believe that some of their new caravans there.

Hope this helps.

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Just know it is here, I know nothing more about it:

Ron Talman Caravans



SO32 3QH 



01329 832337

There are many more I see cycling the lanes etc, will see if I can recall others.


Looking at Google maps in satellite view, they show up quite clearly. That might be a way to search them out?

Talman's latitude/ longitude coordinates are:   50.924043, -1.143000




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Thanks all for the replies.


The Highlands Road one I know about - doesn’t look very secure and wouldn’t be happy leaving my van there.


We currently use the one in Southwick but have recently heard it is being pulled which is a massive shame as it’s a great site.  Nothing confirmed as yet but highly likely.


I’ll try the one Soberton as that’s not too far. Also aware of one in Portchester too but not sure there are spaces - will do some exploring.


Ideally after a small site/farm etc if they still exist!

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I am having to move my caravan from HMS dryad as well and am looking for some where for my caravan.  I have been trying to contact the Condor Ave storage place with not much luck and wondered if you had found anywhere reputable and not too expensive since this thread started Matt??  Or any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

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