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New Buccaneer Aruba Incoming tomorrow February 1st!

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BTW on replying to another thread here is a very good tip.   You lose a lot of heat through the wheel arches on the inside and condensation can form.   We covered the wheel arches on the inside with car insulation off eBay and it has made a difference and no more condensation issues.   You need to be careful when applying it as it sticks to anything it touches.   The most difficult part is doing the wheel arches under the kitchen area, but worth the effort.

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On 04/02/2019 at 13:55, THECDs said:

I was having trouble running the water from the internal tank without the water thing plugged in on the outside. What was I doing wrong?  


If if you don’t plug in the aqua roll but the internal tank is full is that not workable? 


Seems strange.  

Air locks can sometimes cause stoppages.

The switch labelling (if it has not changed since 2017) can be a bit confusing. Int means just that, you are on internal tank. Ext is for loading internal tank from Aquaroll outside. Central position on rocker means you are using Aquaroll. Presume Whale pump saver has been calibrated. ...if they still fit that.

So, as you have realised it's a case of going through the sequences to see what's stopped. Once internal tank is full and you have switched to Not the Aquaroll and it's associated pump are not in play.

Sorry if I have been boring you with stuff you know. Even more sorry if switchgear has changed markedly!:o


That Not was supposed to be Int!

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