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towing Avondale Mayfly

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I have the above caravan and as a new owner need to know if my Mokka  SE 1. 4 auto would be able to tow it.


Any further guidance would be appreciates regarding legal weights.


Thank you for any kind assistance



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From what I can gather spec for Mokka 1. 4T SE Auto (not AWD)    Obtained from Carleasingmadesimple. com


Kerb Weight  1396kg

Gross Weight 1843kg

Horse Power 140bhp

Torque 200Nm

Towing Weight Limit 1200kg


Avondale Mayfly maximum weight (MTPLM) I believe is 1100kg.

Newcomers to towing are advised to limit the caravn MTPLM to 85% of the car's kerb weight, and in your case this ratio is well within that limit at 79%.

Power is good at 48bhp per tonne for the fully loaded combination, but the torque isn't brilliant (it's petrol) so the gearbox will change down regularly on inclines. However the auto box has a proper torque converter. so will cope well with down changes.

All in all I would say the Mokka will tow well.

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Hello One Wheel on my Wagon


Thank you very much for the comprehensive information you have provided for me.


A very kind action which I will find extremely useful


Kindest regards



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