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Cycle lights

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1 hour ago, Grandpa Steve said:

My gripe is with the cyclists that have the light on their helmet, the fixed ones on the bike point down at the road and in the general direction the front wheel is pointed, lighting the road ahead which is what the lights should do.


The ones on the helmet are a pain as when the cyclist looks up and in your direction you get the full force of the light/s in your eyes ruining your night vision.




In my opinion they're fine if they're the LED flashing strobe type, but some of the direct-light ones really are blinding if fixed to a helmet.


3 hours ago, Grumpy Auld Smeesh said:


Absolute nonsense ! There is good and bad in all walks . There is a minority of cyclists who spoil it for the law abiding cyclist . There is a minority of drivers who are actively anti cyclists but gladly I can say the majority of drivers I come across are very considerate and I thank them for that most sincerely as it nice to be "Staying Alive" . It only took 3 posts on this Thread before the anti cycle brigade comment and the Op was only posting a discussion about the law and lights . .. Very disappointing but comes as no surprise. .... 


Sadly social media has a lot to answer for here, there are many anti-cycling videos posted where the rider is quite clearly being a complete idiot, but it just fuels hatred within others who have never encountered an idiot cyclist.

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