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Laser 675

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So we finally managed to get away last weekend :D to say we are over the moon is an understatement, we had everything up and running, even cooking a lovely curry on the hob B) meatballs in the oven :) the shower is excellent, continuous hot water (well until the aqua roll runs out):o:D just hit boost on the iNet before you want the showerB) Nothing fell off,everything worked, towed lovely, looked lovey, it is lovely :) looking forward to Easter so we can spend a week in it :D 





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On 02/02/2019 at 21:03, Sifta said:

When we collected our new Laser 675 last Saturday i was pleased to see the spare wheel carrier was fitted under the caravan, they said they just had room to fit it in between the caravan mover and the water tank. Very happy with the workmanship it is a top spec finish.

There is one problem we found while we stayed over on a site to set up the caravan the external pump is coming on for around 3-5 secs every couple of minutes even after checking  all taps are flowing with water and no air locks. When i returned home i looked up issues with this new type pressure switch and found out I need to calibrate the whale IC pump controller which is a new product Coachman use.  

Pleased to hear that the spare wheel can still be located under the caravan with an all-wheel drive motor mover fitted. Going to view a Laser 675 today, but this would have been a deal breaker for me as storing under the bed takes up too much storage space. Which mover did you have fitted?

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