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On board water pump cycling on and off

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Our on-board pump fires off randomly for 2-3 seconds each time but only every couple of hours or so.


Never got to the bottom of it, no visible leaks, got used to it.

                      Stay safe - Griff.:ph34r:

Discovery 4 with a Bessacarr 845 behind

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15 minutes ago, RosieBs_Dad said:



Took the external inlet to pieces (well, removed the blue piece on the outside where the non return valve is), definitely a bit of crud in there. Gave it a good blow from the outside and another piece of rubbish spat out.


Gave the valve a good but gentle clean, looks good as new now. Put it back together, just need to re-pressurise the system and see what happens, but feeling confident.


Thanks for all input, will give final update in a few days, bit busy until the weekend.




That much crud in the wrong place is certainly enough to be the cause of the problem!

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If it looks like this I just drop the parts in antibacterial water in an ice cream 2 litre tub for 5 mins put a bit of vaseline on the screws for next time




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