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it cant just be me

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Tried a Bailey  (new version Seville) prior to sticking with Lunar but the Bailey seating wasn't  a patch on the Lunar for comfort, also not keen on having the seats right up to the windows in the Bailey, at least a shelf gives you a fighting chance should water get in for any reason.

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As I said in an earlier post my van is in Robinson’s at the moment having its last service & a problem with floor delamination  , I noticed that they had two of the Clubman models at a £2000 plus discount, the SE & SD ( side dinette ) I asked one of the salespeople if there might be similar savings on the SI & she said she’d get back to me after looking at my van in the workshop . I’m still waiting but I’ll keep you posted, after the fairly positive comments on here about the sunroof I might have a good think about changing.

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