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There just Me, the Boss Lady & the dog. We moved to rural Herefordshire last March. The plan to work less, go away more and enjoy life.   

Our Cottage Garden takes 3-4 Hours of the day in the summer, i have more Plastering and Rendering work up hear then before i moved. When im at home its like being on holiday.  

We have a 1 acre field with the caravan sat in with lovely views, so were considering opening a C. l.

The Caravan isnt being used as much during the summers, but we continue to go away lots through Autum & Winter.

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On 18/08/2018 at 07:58, Gordon said:

I think you've chosen the right time to put your caravan on the market. Springtime is when people are looking forward to sunshine and holidays, so hopefully you should get a good price. As you're not planning to give up completely it's worth keeping the accessories such as water containers, security locks, and other caravan parafernalia that you will undoubtedly have built up over the years as they can cost  small fortune to replace.

Finally I hope your daughter does well in her GCSEs and makes the most of her teenage years as it's a time we all remember as we move into adulthood.

Good luck to you all.




I agree with Gordon in keeping the accessories as they are an expensive part of caravanning to replace .


I have been at this hobby for 45 years and it is in the blood and hard to loose and I have no doubt your be back and one thing I have learned is make every chance of getting away count as life is never predictable and we never know what is round the corner . My wife finally retired end of last year so we could get away whenever and a couple of weeks later MIL was diagnosed with the big C which after operation and treatment she was cleared then fell on her back steps and broke hip so the wife spent near 6 months up at hospitals but now able to go away .



Have you thought about putting the caravan on a seasonal not to far away and it will give you the chance of a easy get away and you still have the caravan to take away when you can ?





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I had to live in the caravan for 5 years, on return from Falklands to work at Sizewell 'B' and 'New 7 Crossing' by the end I had had enough of caravanning, did not want to see another, got given a caravan for sister, and in turn gave it away to friend, wife upset she bought a small one, went away a couple of times, now a bigger one and I have got the bug again and really looking forward to it.


It has changed over the years,  and we realise today you need a dedicated tow car,  so getting rid of caravan means small cars as well and fuel saving as a result. So yes see the point of giving up for a few years, package holidays are so cheap, it is well worth taking the opportunity to holiday abroad before heath insurance becomes too expensive.


However return was not easy, it has meant both getting a caravan and car, we did go around looking at motor caravans, however there is one massive draw back, they will not fit in many car parks, and many of our trips are linked to craft shows so want a car that will fit a car park.


Sure we will see you again in 5 to 10 years time.

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D day has arrived. The van has now been collected and departed from the drive. Feels a bit empty, but that will pass.


a different type of holiday now for the next few years. We will be back in the future. For now will just lurk on the forum!!

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45 minutes ago, wigandiver said:

Just out of curiosity, are you keeping you Alhambra Please ?

Yes, we are keeping it. It does everything we want of it, plus it’s still pretty economical when not towing. With two girls, I still need the space!!!

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10 hours ago, wigandiver said:

Our Sharan's still plodding along, so we'll keep it for as long as it is reliable.

That could be a kiss of death statement. :)


Alhambra, or Sharan is favourite as the next tow car.

Ours has totally surprised us as to how good it is. With the 184 version it bowls along quite nicely. ..

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We never gave up our caravan, not even when I was on an 18 month assignment in the United States. Looked forward to it all the more as soon as I got back.

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We also hung onto ours when the kids were in the interim period and glad we did, once the exams were over they did a couple of foreign holidays and then decided caravans were a better option.


Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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On 02/09/2018 at 11:15, ericmark said:

I had to live in the caravan for 5 years, on return from Falklands to work at Sizewell 'B' and 'New 7 Crossing' 

Worked on second severn crossing for 3 years as well. Was in the marine section under that aussie Brian something - was  his surname  Glass? Went to Hong Kong after that where i bumped in to a few who had neen on the bridge.


I refer you to the Rt Hon Member for the 19th Century.....................pictured just to the left of your screen..................


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