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6 minutes ago, GaryB1969 said:

 Front towing covers?  "No, complete waste of time" is my response to anyone that asks.   However, give it three or four years and fitting one will become part of my getting-ready routine.  

Similarly the "Windslammer" style roof mounted deflector was once seen on many a campsite - another fad that has passed into history and I predict that the front towing covers will eventually go the same way. 

I was duped by the publicity at the time so still have a Windslammer it in the garage where it's been for many many years just collecting dust. It was supposed to improve the fuel consumption when towing but while it deflected most of the flies away from the front caravan window, I never did notice any improvements in fuel economy.

Windslammer - Olympus - Volvo 240.jpg


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Flushing loos are one thing, but electric flush! hands up everyone who has an electric flushed loo at home (and I don't mean the macerator type) and hands up everyone whos had a problem with an electric flushed caravan loo

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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35 minutes ago, Paul_B said:

Flushing loos are one thing, but electric flush! hands up everyone who has an electric flushed loo at home (and I don't mean the macerator type) and hands up everyone whos had a problem with an electric flushed caravan loo

 Our first brand new caravan bought in 2002 (Sterling Eccles Jewel) had what was our first electric flush.   In the five years we had that caravan the flush was faultless, but from the start I kept saying to myself "pointless".  It was replaced with another brand new caravan in 2007, an Elddis  Avante 540.   I didn't notice on the spec but it had a manual flush and you know what?  I actually missed the electric flush!  This was particularly problematic as my daughter (then 3 years old) struggled with the manual flush.   2010 appears and we swept up the Elddis (or more appropriately, rung it out) and swapped it for a new 2010 Swift Charisma 550 that decided that I didn't know enough about electric toilet flush pumps and saw me learning how to drop the pump out and free up the stuck impeller on a regular basis, in the end I replaced the pump!  All caravans since have had an electric flush, while the pump now seems to be reliable, it's new-found strength sees it spraying the pink toilet flush up & out of the bowl if used without care.


Manual toilet flush?  Go on then, I'll drop technology and drop back to a manual!

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On 17/08/2018 at 17:26, Alan Roscoe said:

The van is kept on my drive.


This would probably sway it for me. If i stored mine on my drive I would put a cover on for the worst of the weather, the heavy rain and snow to keep it protected. Id then take it off to let it air out in the breaks between. I'd also consider running a low power dehumidifier when it is covered. Since it's on your drive that should be pretty easy to do even if it's a pain putting the cover on and taking it off a few times.


I put mine in storage which is 40mins drive away with no mains nearby so mine gets left without a cover. I might leave some of the silica gel packs in my new one over this winter, no idea if it'll help but it cant hurt.

2010 Lunar Delta Ti pulled by a 2012 Volvo XC60 D3 AWD remapped to 210bhp & 501Nm

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I’m firmly in favour of our cover. When we first got the caravan, our storage was under a big tree, which dropped sap all summer, meaning the windows at least needed thoroughly cleaning each and every trip. And cleaning the sticky goo off the whole van took hours, literally. We bought a Protec tailored cover and used it every trip, which was inconvenient, but worth it. The state of the cover after the first winter had to be seen to be believed.


We’re in a much better storage pitch now, so don’t cover up each time. However, we rarely use the van in winter, so choose to fit the cover for that time. I always make sure the caravan is properly clean before the cover is fitted, we’ve had no scuff marks at all, and it’s pristine when I uncover it for the first trip in Spring.  


I dont see the point in dehumidifiers in a caravan, although I do go along occasionally and air it through on dry breezy winter days. Our damp readings were 8-11% at this year’s service in late March, so there’s no damp build up over winter caused by using our cover.  

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In y eyes the sun does far more damage to any Outside item, in my eyes Caravans need more protection in the Summer than they do in the winter.

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Back to covers and road grime. We did 200 miles to get down here and the front of van had black marks which followed the seams of the Specialised Towing Cover. I don't think the cover is to blame at all. I reckon any fine dust on the front before cover is fitted will be an abrasive, aided and abetted by diesel particulate.

So, thorough cleaning of front panel before fitting cover looks to be essential.

As promised here is the polish I have found very effective for both GPS front panel and acrylic windows.

Sorry if this is a bit OCD.





. .....still feel like that some days. :) But not when D4 is hooked up to Commodore.

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