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Hello, first of all, straight out with it, I know very little about the ins and outs of owning a static caravan on a park.   I don't want a luxurious, new van,  simply something basic and clean that will do us for around 5 years. So obviously I'm looking at pre-owned. Depending on whether we can find someone to share with us, I'm probably looking to spend no more than £20k or so and if we have to do it alone, a good deal less than that.  


Ideally we're looking at the Yorkshire Dales, Lakes or North Lancashire areas. I'd just like to know if my expectation of getting a van in the price range mentioned is realistic and if anyone knows of any decent sites in my preferred areas. We aren't bothered about faciliates such as shop/club/play area etc.


Thanks in anticipation. H

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Hi and welcome.

First of all, look at a couple of posts I wrote about owning a static is it for me and getting a static

I would say that you could get a really nice van on a really nice site for what you are hoping to spend. The key is to take your time and look for parks that you want to be on. Now is an ideal time to buy as people want to get rid before the end of the season, but the downside is that you may have to pay for next years fees on top of your caravan price.

Use Google maps to find some sites in the areas you want to go and visit them, talk to owners and my mantra is READ THE CONTRACT.

Anything else just shout.




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