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Thetford 3000 Frig door fell off


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Reaching my destination to find the frig doorway was hanging by the top hinge pin. The pin in the bottom plate was on the floor. The pin in the bottom plate is slotted and the bottom half threaded, it is expected that it will screw into the plate. But, there is no space to lift the door sufficient to drop the door to engage the top pin into the door and drop the door onto the bottom pin. Who designs this stuff? You can only access the pin to screw into the plate through the door, if you feel up to trying to remove the plastic interior of the door. In the end, I located the door onto the top pin, fitted the bottom pin into the threaded plate at the bottom, supported the door and screwed the pin into the plate with narrow nose pliers. Result, but the door latch did not connect, I did not find the spacer washer until later which put onto the bottom pin lifted the door. So I reversed the procedure to fit the washer. Has the pin screwed all the way in, you can check it coming through with your finger. I m glad I did not use adhesive the first time, not the second. Will it fall off again, I just check to feel the pin is screwed in. Sorry to have described chapter and verse, but on holiday you need a frig and calling out Thetford is not a good start. How did it unscrew? Lack of lub and the weight of the door the screw unthreading.

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