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Kitty Wilkinson conundrum.

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I know there are some knowledgeable people on this forum so you may have some answers to my quiery.


I was researching Kitty Wilkinson after I saw a picture on Facebook.  (Which isn’t all bad).


A very interesting lady.  I like that she began to become self sufficient when she was given a mangle.  And that she was a massive help in the fight against cholera in Liverpool leading to Queen Victoria giving her a tea pot.


Here are two pictures of her.




this is is as a young lady, but she was born in 1786,   So this had to be around 1806.  Compare this to the worlds first ever picture.




This was taken in 1826.  So make me think that Kitty’s is a picture of a portrait.  But does a poor girl coming from the mills and going into domestic service have a portrare done?


This is Kitty much later, she died in 1860.




That was published in 1927.


So, what do people think.  I think picture 1 is just a look alike.


For more info on Kitty, and what this working class lady managed to do in those hard times, see:


https://en. m. wikipedia. org/wiki/Kitty_Wilkinson




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