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FM Radio Reception

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We have had our caravan for a few years now but FM radio reception is nearly always poor and cuts out. This is using the standard black side mounted aerial which I have added a booster to but still the same. The radio in the car which is parked alongside the van is always fine.   I had though about connecting it to the TV aerial but I know its a completely different frequency band.   Anybody have any suggestions.

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godders I had the same problem, wherever we went the reception was awful, on the off side of the van we have a Ring amplified aerial and I thought it was useless.

I set about making an extended lead to run from the TV amplifier and into the back of the radio. Where we live caravan radio reception in poor so I thought using the TV aerial must be a bonus. I removed the radio  from it's housing and as I pulled out the Ring aerial plug there was a loud crackle. I slowly replace the lead and when it got to about two thirds of the way in the radio reception was fantastic, it seems that if you pushed it in fully there was no connection, but hey presto it now works fine. Try it, it might work.

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I simply disconnected the, all but useless, aerial and replaced it with a 1m long piece of single core cable in the locker with the radio in it.

It works 100% better, sometimes, in weaker signal areas, it needs a small bit of repositioning in the cupboard,  but a well worth it, cheap and easy solution.  

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