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Kitchen Worktop - more caravan woes!

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So first weekend away this year and find the kitchen worktop showing tram lines - appear to be from the supporting wall below.  The worktop must be paper thin.  Anybody else had this problem?


Photo sent to dealer for another warranty claim.  Not a happy bunny that's for sure.





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6 minutes ago, WelshAl said:

  The worktop must be paper thin.   


It is - all to achieve the lightest weight possible.    Last time I needed to repair a worktop it was simply two sheets of plastic laminate held 1/2" apart with an egg box arrangement of paper.  

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I wouldn't be happy with the messy mastic line, never mind the worktop!






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I have an Avante, a cheaper Elddis version, and my worktop is nothing like that!!  It is solid.

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When we picked up our Schooner I noticed that the edge of the worktop had been crushed by something, looked like clamps to me.


It was replaced but never went back the same. 5aba94a792bd1_Worktop2.thumb.JPG.8f05a46ad205e241c097aacf1224ac12.JPG

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Ours is different to your on the 16. i think your is the 17 with the bulge in the counter shape. ours has only got a upright same size as the 1 in your picture abouve the counter. and ours is a wooden top.

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