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Went to get the caravan! Too much snow!

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Well we went to get the caravan today on the way back from Lizzies hospital check up!

Too much snow still. The normally wide road to storage is still single track with drifts, 3 foot on height each side! No passing places!

Hopefully sorted by tomorrow as we are off on Thursday!

Need it home to stock it up and get it warm!

2019 Bailey Platinum (640) Phoenix from Chipping Sodbury caravans, towed by our  2017 my Discovery Sport!


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I was hoping to get my van down to the seasonal pitch this Monday . ... Eh? Nah ! Still much the same as you describe plus we had another dump today just to top things up. So will wait another week. Fingers crossed. .. :(

"to be auld and wise you must first be young and daft "

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Hoping to pick up my new 'van at the weekend, but drifts from last weeks snow have the road into our village down to one lane in sections, including outside the house so wouldn't get in.   The thaw has reduced them but no sign of them going anywhere any time soon!


Fed up with snow!

2018 Swift Elegance 580  towed by a 2018 Volvo XC60 D5 Power Pulse R Design

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