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Coachman Highlander 500/5

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Hello all, new to this site so please bear with me.

We've just bought our first ever caravan and struggling to find all the specs online so we can buy an awning etc.  

I can see that the Coachman Amara 500/5 exists but not the Highlander, though clearly it must cos that's what we've bought.

Any information is greatly appreciated.



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The Highlander is a special unique to Scottish dealers, it is based on the Amara or more lately the Vision.

Specs vary slightly dealer to dealer eg currently the Knowepark Highlander does not have ATC but the Dyce Highlander does!

A variety of dealers have sold them over the years . ..

Dyce and Knowepark as already mentioned, in the past Crossburn and Hitch on Caravans from memory, but there may have been others.   GNR Sutherland rings a bell.

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Google search shows this company selling new Coachman Highlanders.

http://www. kpcm. co. uk/cgi-bin/sales. pl?v_make=34&v_form=C&v_new=N&action=Find

Give them a call, I'm sure they would be willing to confirm the Coachman equivalent  of  your caravan.

Enjoy your caravanning.


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Cheers guys, really appreciate the replies.

It's funny that it's been rebranded for the Scottish market because I'm originally from Hull (coachman's  home) and family are from Scotland 😂

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I'm sure that an E-mail to Coachman would provide an answer to your question.   :)


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