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We are thinking about travelling from Santander to Alcossebre on the Med this year overnighting at Zaragossa.   We are probably off the ferry at Santander at about 1pm and then it is a 5 hour drive to Zaragossa and as we have a twin axle we are restricted to 50mph.    Arrival time in Zaragossa is about 6-7pm and not sure if this is a plan and whether the site is open for late arrivals in mid May.

There seems to be the option of three routes.   All three via Zaragossa, but after that the options come into play.   Satnav and Michelin are suggesting via Morella to Vinaros north of Alcossbre however a lot of this is a single carriageway with probably very few places to pull over.   Any one done this route?

The other option is from Zaragossa via Frago which is just before Lleida then through Mora La Nova a difference of about 10 minutes but an extra 70kms.   Any one used this back road? 

Going via Teruel is dual carriageway and a toll road with a time difference of about 25 minutes and a 130km difference plus toll charges just about all the way.   Again any one done this route?

Has any one done the "back roads" route to the Alcossebre area recently?  Last time we used a "back road from Navaronne and it was quite scenic but it was almost a 7 hour drive to Alcossbre.   This time we will probably stay over at Zaragossa instead of Navaronne.

Of course then is another totally different route and that is straight down to Riaza, then via Madrid ring road to Aranjuez to stay at the campsite there for two or more days visiting Toledo and then moving onto Alcossebre.

OH just wants the driving out of the way and settling in one place for 2 - 3 weeks instead of up and chucking every couple of days.  

Decisions, decisions!

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We've done the journey a few times in winter. Assuming your ferry is on time, from Santander you will easily be at Camping Cuidad Zaragoza in time for your tea.

My advice for the road speed is to stay at the speed of the HGV's  and despite the legal speed limit, you are unlikely to have any problem with the police.

Its a busy site with English speaking receptionists open until 8. 0pm in the winter, and then occupied by a security guy all night. I don't know about summer but why not ask them and book ahead while your at it?  It's a busy site with good big pitches and wide tarmac roads.

The onward journey is a nice easy one on the Teruel route. I don't know the alternative routes.  

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I'd use the N 232.

We use the N roads more and more as the views/sights/villages are much more interesting than on the Motorways. Also, journeys tend not to take much longer because of the towing speed limit on Motorways and you also save the tolls.

Give the site at Zaragoza a ring to see when they close, they speak good English - I would think they will be open until at least 8pm.

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3 hours ago, Durbanite said:


Going via Teruel is dual carriageway and a toll road with a time difference of about 25 minutes and a 130km difference plus toll charges just about all the way.   Again any one done this route?


I did this journey a few weeks ago from Bilbao to Valencia.    It's a good quick motorway route that will cost you around €30 for the bit from Bilbao to Zaragoza.    From there to Valencia is still motorway but toll-free.     If you want a site a little bit earlier than Zaragoza, I stopped at Las Bardenas in Villafranca.    It's 10 -12 miles off the motorway but if you can spare two nights there, the Bardenas desert is worth the drive.

On the other hand from Santander to Madrid then to Valencia is a good towing road that won't cost you anything.

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If you like scenic you won't beat Morella but I wouldn't be going near the place with a caravan. Get set up at Alcossebra and then visit Morella for the day. It is a wonderful place.  

As Jaydug says the A23 from Zaragosa to the coast via Teruel is a good road and toll free. That is the way I would be going.

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Just to add we did the stop over at Zaragoza and then onto Alcossebre via Tereul so thanks for the advice

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