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Truma Customer Service

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Truma's wonderful customerservice may have been mentioned before but I think we should offer praise when it is due.

We had a major Ultrastore failure in our caravan last winter down in Spain. Caravan 12 years old and very well used, we live in it as we live at home. When I saw the state of the boiler removed by the technician, I agreed a new one was required. Cost to renew/replace in Spain was in excessof €1000 which I thought a tad excessive. A bit of research showed that the new Ultrastore Rapid GE was less than half that price in UK.

Email to Truma brought me the answers I needed so it was purchased in UK for £400 or so, carried to Spain and fitted by our friendly Spanish technician. All worked fine - but then after a short while the gas switch stopped working. Technician checked everything and said the gas switch is faulty and as it is a sealed unit there was nothing he could do.

Another email to Truma and within an hour I had the response, send us your details and we will send a replacement switch. No ifs, no buts, just wonderful service.

Why can't all the suppliers be so good? I know some are but some fall a long way short of this level of Customer service.

Well done Truma!

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I have nothing but praise for Truma too - they have sorted us out over the telephone on a few occasions and replaced a motor on our mover, just 2 months short of warranty expiration, Top guys.

2019 Ford Kuga 2. 0 (150 bhp) AWD Manual and 2017 Coachman Pastiche 565.

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Yes, certainly worth mentioning good service whenever we can, nice and refreshing to hear a company that does it. Well done Truma,



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If you think about the relatively small number of occasions involved, their good will  costs the company a small amount and pays dividends.


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Back in 2015, we had a MH with a 2008 vintage C6002EH boiler. Kept blowing heating elements due to bad/incorrect fitment by mobile engineer.  So Truma took a look at Foston HQ and replaced the out of warranty elements  again at no cost. Also replaced some other aged bits (c.£300), again at no cost. Brilliant service all round :Thankyou:.

2019 Adria Adora Thames

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My experience was not so good.  New mover failed.  My dealer pointed to controller.  Trumer gave me and them the run around but admitted to the fault on inspection and replaced.

No apology to me or dealer.


Same mover.  Failed again meaning I was without it, in my condition man handling vans is very difficult as is getting under the van to wind off the movers.  My dealer did not want to get involved saying they did not like dealing with Truma.

Called Truma, no sympathy at all for the situation, gave me only 1 option, to take the van to Burton upon Trent, incurring distance, time and expense.  Reception OK, (but not friendly), provided coffees, made us feel that they were doing us a service/favour.

Technicians, expert and efficient but not friendly.  2 new actuated motors needed.  Again, made to feel that I should be thankful.

So I was not impressed with the product or service on the whole.

To add insult to injury we discover that Truma own Powrtouch.  For the Powrtouch brand guarrentee cover, they come to you, but not for Truma’s own, which are also dearer to buy.


Volvo V70 D3 SE (was Peugeot 4007, SsangYong Korando), Pulling a Lunar Clubman SI 2015. If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.


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