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AlKo - Electrically operated steadies

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A layout to suit you along with a suitable budget.



Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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On 13/12/2017 at 14:53, Borussia 1900 said:

1099€  :o Power drill with a socket on a stick will do for me.


Can't see them taking off in the UK, 17. 7 Kg is almost the entire user payload ;)

Even better, 9 year old son who loves doing the manual winding of the steadies ( at the moment 😂🤣😂)

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<p>Ford Galaxy Auto (powershift)AWD Towing An Elddis Avante 866 :)

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On 10/04/2018 at 23:21, Jordstar said:

Hi everyone what do you need to look for when your buying a caravan 

Electric steadies  of course. 🤣

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i fitted the enduro as101 auto steady  to my 93 abi however fitment of the motors wasn't easy i had to some modification to the brackets for the holes to line up, but once fitted works a treat just press a couple of buttons and the steadies  come down/up it also has the option if you stop for a break and put the steadies down and forget to raise them they will automatically raise when you start the car engine, it makes things much easier having lower back pain and being single https://www. campstuff. uk/shop/caravan+movers/enduro+autosteady+as101. htm

Towing with 2. 0 darkside mk3 Ford Focus hatch named the Naked Turtle, towing a 1993 Abi Jubilee Emperor Named Michelle

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