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Towing mirrors for D5 or late D4


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Hi, I’ve changed my towcar from a 12 plate D4 to D5. My D4 had the old style square wing mirrors and I put my rocksteady mirrors on the top. My D5 and believe late D4’s have a mirror that tapers down towards the tip and have a plastic profile that make it less practice to put mirrors on top and still see past an 8ft van. I have tried mirrors fastened to bottom which does work but when mirrors fold, the screw mechanism on the clamp catches the paintwork.

im wondering what you guys are using or how have you adapted rocksteady mirrors to suit.


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Similar problem to yours,  solved be tapering the end that touches the door.

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I have a 15MY D4 with the curved top edge mirrors.

On the limit of my Grand Aeros fitted on top, I can just about see down the sides of my 7’-6” ‘van, don’t think that they would work with an 8 footer without longer arms?

Will fold OK fitted to top but never needed to try fitted to the bottom.  

They clamp OK to the top profile wise but if not clamped extremely tight have slipped off on occasions.  

Stay safe - Griff.  :ph34r:

Wheels at the front Green Oval Towing Machine

Wheels at the back Bessacarr 845

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