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Oh Flipping heck!

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This coming Saturday, I am due to collect my nice new to us, six month old Land Rover Discovery Sport!

Went to Chippenham to day to collect new glasses.  Before you ask I was wearing the old ones, as the new ones were not ready! 

On the way home, a lovely young lady hit our Freelander 2 up the rear! My towbar went through her radiator! Her CRV was a total write off!

We were able to drive home! Land Rover Assistance took over, and booked in to LR body shop in the morning! Get a nice shiny LR to drove in!

Hopefully I can still get my new to me vehicle in a week or so!


2019 Bailey Platinum (640) Phoenix from Chipping Sodbury caravans, towed by our  2017 my Discovery Sport!


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Snap . ... almost

A guy in a black Audi A4 side swiped my Swift on the A90 this morning, came onto the dual carriageway from a junction at the opposite side, hit the 'van then fell back behind us . ... or so I thought!  Stopped in the next layby and he was nowhere to be seen, must have dived up a small road just before the layby!

Have to drop it off at the dealers when we get home on Sunday, big cracks on the sidewall which is grp and skirt damaged etc.  Talking to the service receptionist she said something similar has happened to my dealer with his own van this week . ... again the person legged it.

Called the Police straight away.  They are coming to see me when on Sunday when I get home.  Chances of getting the culprit are slim to nil I would guess.  Though he will have some damage to pay for as chucks of his A4 are embedded in the side of my van!  Speaking to my insurers (the CC) I will obviously have to pay my excess and lose no claims years.

On the upside it is still towing fine, no damage inside and at least we can finish this trip off . .. can see the rest of our autumn/winter touring disappearing though.  


2018 Swift Elegance 580  towed by a 2018 Volvo XC60 D5 Power Pulse R Design

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