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Best Strategy - Buy Low / Buy High?

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Personally, I would try to crack a deal with a local premier inn or local static park for a medium term rent, if you only need it for a month or two.

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Thank you to all the lovely members of this forum on this thread for your help in my quest in August last year!

We had tried everything - all the inn/hotels/hostels/cottages didn't have vacancies for the duration we needed.  

There was no pitch available for a static either, so tourer really was the only way to go.  

In the end we found a 2003 Burstner Verdana for a sensible price - the van in question was chosen as it ticked all the boxes that emerged from the main points of consensus on this thread. So in a direct and real way you guys had a massive hand in making what could have been a horrible mistake into a great success. Apart from the practical use for the tips you gave, the fact that I could bear in mind your advice meant that I had a LOT more confidence in the decision I was making and that reduced the anxiety of it all.  

The van was bone dry and well designed and served its purpose extremely well. It was a huge adventure for the kids and although 2 months in a tourer for a family of 4 and a dog is quite long enough for anyone I would think, we had fun with it all.  

We survived storm Ophelia in it, read lots of books so we didn't disturb the kids drifting off to sleep inches away from the lounge, and I got strong hauling water every day. :D We stayed in the caravan until the site closed for winter, when we managed to find a cottage which had then become available, which saw us through until our house purchase went through after looong delays.

We are now living on site for the renovations in a static which we could then have as we now owned the site to put it on. Next I am going to sell the caravan and see if I can get my money back. Phew.  

But, I just wanted to pop back and say Thank You to you all for guiding an utterly clueless person in my hour of need, making sense and a real difference. You were all lovely to have done that!


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