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Pump Cycling, Hot Water On The Cold Side Of The Truma?

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Hi folks, help me out I'm a bit baffled here.


Pump used to cycle occasionally but not very often, recently it's started cycling every 20-30 seconds which is a bit annoying so I have changed the pump head thinking it was probably the valves being a bit worn - it has made no difference.

Next I've changed the valve on the hot water outlet from the Truma Ultrastore as I believe these can sometimes stop working properly when the little ball gets limescale on it - no difference.


The other symptom I've noticed lately, is that when you run the cold water, you get a brief slug of hot water through before it runs cold again, this has only happened in the last few weeks, putting my hand on the change over valve on the cold discharge side of the pump I discovered that from there on up to the cold feed into the Truma is hot, now I know the tank is hot and you might get some heat transfer but it's not been like that before so is there anything that anyone can think of that would be allowing this to happen.


Should I try a non-return valve in the suction side of the pump?

New changeover valve in the suction side?



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Check to see if it's using more water than normal - the Truma Ultrastore has a pressure-relief valve connected to clear tube which just goes out through the floor - that's prone to failure


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If you still have the problem, talk to Truma. Their customer service is excellent in my experience.

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