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Dunkirk - Overnight Parking, Its Changed!

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Many years we've used the parking at Dunkirk, never a problem, nice and large, secure and plenty of space. But arrived this year and it's a fraction of the size no security, we were lucky as we were the only caravan on the crossing and managed to park. Whats it like when its busy is there any alternative available?

Maybe the end of us using DFDS & Dunkirk

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Camping Kindervreugde at Adinkerke, near De Panne - just over the Belgian border and about 20 minutes from the Dunkirk ferry. Reviews on line courtesy of Google. Listed in ACSI.

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I've just bumped the reply I gave on this subject back in January, see the adjoining post on Dunkirk, complete with some photos.
Sorry not able to copy and paste on this tablet!!

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