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12v Usb Charging Socket

Yuppie Elite

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Can anyone out there help me please.


I want to exchange the blank in the desk at the front of my 2016 Sterling Elite at the window to a 12v USB charging socket but am not too keen on the £40 odd Swift want for their one fitted to the Elite Continental plus the £10 delivery charge. I have scowered the web but so far can't find anything.


The spigot diameter to fit the facia is 42mm and the fixing plate it is 55mm square.


Thanking you in anticiapation.

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The sockets you are looking for are Berker brand.

Leisureshop stock the full range of berker switches and sockets. The USB charging point is £45. 90 plus Facia and Wall socket and off course the Delivery charge


https://www. leisureshopdirect. com/electric/12v-appliances/12v-plugs-and-sockets/berker-switches-and-sockets or


http://www. thecbecentre. co. uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=berker&order=rank&dir=desc


This does the same job for £ 1. 75


http://www. miniinthebox. com/dual-usb-car-cigarette-lighter-power-adapter-for-smartphones-and-tabs_p2083057. html?currency=GBP&litb_from=bing_shopping&utm_source=bingshopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bingshopping

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