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My First Caravan!

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Hi Everyone,


Newish 25 year old caravanner here, bought mine in August last year :)


Originally I wanted to build my own campervan but the logistics of it would never work out so I set about finding a caravan in August. Absolutely fell in love with the idea of the little Freedom caravans as this was for myself only. I just had to have one!


I've always needed projects on the go so since buying the caravan I've fixed, renewed, cleaned and generally sorted things out:

  • Removed old towing electrics and fitted a 13 pin cable and updated the wiring to suit
  • Wired the fridge up correctly with a relay to charge the battery too
  • Moved the battery from the gas locker(!) to under the bed with a vent tube and steel tray, also helps balance the weight of the kitchen unit.
  • Replaced all of the (corroded!) mains wiring to meet 17th edition along with up-rating of cable
  • Installed Radio
  • Fixed water pump
  • Reinstalled correct front marker lights, resealed old holes.
  • Fixed and resealed a 15x30cm hole in the floor with fiberglass (old gas heater flue), patched floor up.

It's my first caravan so I'm still bricking it while merging onto motorways but the countless hours of Euro Truck Simulator 2 mean reversing it is a doddle :lol:


There's still jobs to be done but meet my TARDIS away from home, a 1991 Freedom Sunseeker. Pulled by "Kirsty" the trusty Citroen C4 Picasso 1. 8i.




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Good Skills BassPotato,


Plenty of advice and opinions on this Forum, happy caravanning :)

2015 3. 2 Auto Mitsubishi Pajero tugging a 2016 Tabbert Pucinni 2. 5e

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What a lovely introduction BassPotato.

It sounds like you have much to pass on to others rather than seeking advice yourself.

Welcome to Caravan Talk.


Fourwinds Hurricane 31D Motorhome. Also MGTF135 1. 8i Roadster (fun) & Volvo V70 3.2Ltr LPG (everyday car)
Unless otherwise stated, my posts will be my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other member of Caravan and Motorhome Talk.

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Hi there BassPotato and :welcome: to the CT forum.


A very interesting intro :)

 Living the dream, well more of a nightmare ~ Griff    :ph34r:

Wheels at the front ~ Discovery 4 Towing Machine

Wheels at the back ~ 4 of ‘em

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