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Hi, new to the site and hoping for some info regarding used prices. Interested in a Adria altea 542dk 2011 model. Seen prices fro 7. 5k to 11k. Is there any way to know what you should expect to pay. Any advice or help greatly appreciated.

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Hi there russboy200 and :welcome: to CT, it's a great place to find answers to all of our questions and problems.


Not many members will read your post here as with a recent change to how posts are displayed, new member introductions do now not show when using the 'View New Content' button.


Most on the forum will not browse in the intro's section and only tend to use the VNC button to keep up to date with the latest mainstream posts and replies to posts that they are contributing to.


Can I suggest that you post your question in Adria/Fleetwod Caravans section, that way it will get viewed and you are then more likely to get some suggestions to help you. :)

 Living the dream, well more of a nightmare ~ Griff    :ph34r:

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Wheels at the back ~ 4 of ‘em

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