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Satellite Tv Or Otherwise In Switzerland - Any Suggestions Please

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We used to use a Satgear tripod system with a 65cm dish for satellite tv but when we changed the caravan I let the Sat system go as I had (mistakenly) built the receiver into the caravan and removing it would have left unsightly holes.

Now I am looking for something to receive English TV, in fact BBC only would be fine, for use in Switzerland. We have used the 65cm dish in Switzerland on previous trips with good results but i now believe I would need a larger dish which i am not too keen on. So my question is what else is available that would allow us to view English TV in Switzerland. We do not watch a great lot of TV and are not Sky users or subscription TV users.

The site we use in Switzerland has site wifi but is limited in that it does not cover all the pitches. We have iphone and Android phone if that is any help and medium budget.




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If you want to go down the Wi-Fi route for steaming TV. Have a look here, there are other makes on the market but more expensive. I have an older version of this and it works well. I purchased an Arcon GPS mount and adapted it for the antenna, better than the 2 suction cups and tin bracket. We run 2 phones, kindle, tablet and HTPC at anyone time, and it works!

https://www. solwise. co. uk/wireless-usb-patriot-3000-kit. html

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if you are talking about boosting the sites wifi we have the "i boost" system from motorhome wifi. which is excellent at doing what it says on the tin. however i have yet to see a site wifi that is good enough to stream TV. .


maybe you need to be looking a mifi system

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Have a look at

http://www. lyngsat-maps. com/footprints/Astra-2F-UK. html

which will show you the satellite footprint. It suggests to me that with an 80cm dish and a bit of careful alignment you may get a usable signal but it could be iffy. I managed to get a good usable signal at Epinac SW of Dijon which is right on the edge of the footprint, and at a site about 30m NE of Heidelberg which is way outside the footprint, both on a 60cm ovoid dish, so there is some hope for you depending exactly where you are going in CH.


You can get BBC World easily as that is on Astra 1 at 19E, but it is boring as it repeats about every 30 mins. CNN - the world according to America - is on the same sat.

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