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Solar Panels

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We have a new Bailey Madrid. The control panel drops to 11. 9 and don't come back to 13. 4 dealer says nothing wrong with it is this normal?

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No, it's not normal. Ideally you should get yourself a digital multimeter and check the voltage across the battery (I assume that you've got a battery ;) ) and it should read about the same as the voltmeter on the control panel.


Make sure you set your multimeter to the 20v DC range and the probes are in the com & voltage measuring terminals - you'll get a big spark and blow a fuse or damage the meter if you don't.


Under normal circumstances at thsi time of the year (ie when the sun comes out for several hours a day) you should see around 12. 8volts when its dark, and around 13. 6-13. 8 during the day. It may get up to about 14. 4 early in the mornings but that should settle to around 13. 8.


Check that the connections to the battery are tight, likewise the connections to the solar controller (in the cupboard above the fridge). There's a fuse in the wiring under the nearside rear bed, on the floor by the fridge bulkhead (its taped into the loom) - make sure it hasn't become dislodged or blown.


The solar controller should be set to suit your battery - in most cases a standard lead acid (type 3 I think). You can check that the panels are producing electricity by using your multimeter to check the voltages at the controller connections. .


You should measure the battery voltage across the the battery terminals (ie around 12. 8-13. 8v) and around the same across the panel terminals. If you see 17-21 volts across the panel terminals and nothing across the battery terminals then either the battery isn't connected, the fuse is blown or faulty or the controller isn't working.


Makes sure you aren't plugged into the mains if you are trying to check the solar controller.


The voltage across the battery should be around 13. 8 when the van is plugged in.


If you battery is showing 11. 9 volts, then charge it as soon as possible otherwise it will be permanently damaged if it isn't already.

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Totally agree with matelodave's post above. Yesterday about 4pm my display was showing 13. 8v and an input of 0. 0 amps. The battery being fully charged and the controller doing its job. This morning it was showing 14. 4v. Exactly confirming what matelodave has posted.

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