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HI we have just been to Alde at Wellingborugh to have a fan replaced in the Alde water heater 3010 as it had stopped working. We arranged to have the fan changed at 0900 Tuesday 9/5/17 we were told we could stay at their premises the night before on electric hook up and water so we arrived at 1545 on Monday afternoon,we were booked in and shown where to park the service guy Stephen came to see us and asked what we were going to do as he could change it there and then and we could test it overnight and that he would check it over in the morning so we said ok and he changed it. We ran it overnight and in the morning he checked it over he gave the boiler a once over and found a leak on a joint on the boiler which he changed what a pleasure to be dealt with like a valued customer and nothing being too much trouble a pleasure to Deal with this company a very pleasant experience

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I've not dealt with Alde myself but my perception is that they have a reputation for world class customer service.

Land Rover is now back towing.

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Good to know. Will need antifreeze change next year.

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We had a good experience there as well.

Our Eriba Hymer caravan didn't have the UK style service valve to allow the changing of the antifreeze so we did the parking up for the night bit, and then went exploring whilst they fitted the valve and then changed the antifreeze.

A very pleasant and professional outfit.

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