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Adding New 240v Electric Sockets To 2005 Lexon Eb

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can anyone help please. We are upgrading our 2005 Lexon EB, and would like to add extra 240v power sockets.


Can anyone tell me where i can get these sockets from to match the existing sockets. We would like 2 gang sockets, and 1 with with USB charging too.


Thank you in advance.


Allison :):Thankyou:

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Welcome and a picture of an existing socket may help us to find what you want.



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For some time now, sockets in caravans have been modular, meaning there is a mounting frame which is designed to take sockets or switches. Not sure though whether this was the case in 2005, which is where a picture would help.

These modular units come in single, double or triple fitting, so to get a double socket, you buy a double frame and two sockets.

Usb outlets designed to fit in these mounting frames are very expensive, and it might be better to use a 240v plug with usb outlets or a usb plug for a 12v socket.

If you are fitting new sockets of any kind, you will need 1. 5mm flex to connect them from an existing socket or existing flex run via a junction box, and investigate behind where you want to mount them to make sure there are no obstructions and that you can get the flex to that point.

Just like 240v in the house, whoever fits them needs to understand what they are doing or get a qualified electrician to do it (apologies if hubby is an electrician).

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Screwfix do a good selection of sockets.

Your caravan dealer might well have a matching socket but at higher prices.

Regards, David
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Do they look like this?




Edit: Photo supposedly a 2005 EB?

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Just a head up I would phone to your insurance to check what they require as I have check and mine required a certified installation to cover any damage incurred from a fire to the added circuit .





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