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Should We Buy A Hobby?

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We had a Hobby before our our present caravan (Avondale Dart) and it was the best van I have ever had. So much space, excellent build quality and always a pleasure to stay in. We did have the odd weird look when we were touring on some sites and at one Park Resorts site I overheard a member of staff saying "oh great, another pikeymobil". Some sites will blatantly state they don't allow "Traveller type" vans and others will ask what make of van you have on booking, this is normally a ruse so that if you say Hobby,  LMC, Fendt etc they will then make out that they don't accept twin wheel vans.  We are looking to buy another Hobby as we now have a seasonal pitch and have 2 disabled children and the Avondale just isn't up to it.

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We looked very closely at the Twin Bed model, we were very impressed with the style and finish, I can honestly say it was my favourite van at the NEC last week, my second favourite was an Adria Adora Seine, again a twin bed layout,  these manufacturers are way out in front of the UK models, I have stuck with Coachman for over  20 years and we are on our fifth, but the 2018 VIP range has taken a backward step probably due to the Swift influence coming from Coachmans new MD 

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