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Just had our caravan serviced and it's thrown up two cracks in the chassis that have arisen since last year's service (photos attached).

I've never seen this problem before, has anyone else seen it?

Has anyone got any advice on what the repair work might entail?

Our caravan is 10 years old with full service history. Will the manufacturer assist with the repairs?

Can our insurers be of any use?





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If it is a fillet weld and is there to merely beef up the floor section for tightening the bolt, it may not be too drastic.

Welding the crack or grinding the whole weld down and re-welding may be problematic with heat issues to insulation and floor

Another method may be to drill small hole to stop the stress spreading, seal with something and then watch it.

Welding will also destroy zinc. Cold galvanising spray repair is not as good, so only weld if safety critical.


Edit; If the chassis is ally then forget about the zinc/galv issues. The heat thing is still relevant though as if ally, then it would be tig welded and that is a hot process.

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Looks like a stress crack on the bend where the metal has been pressed . Welding is not recommended as the metal could distort and it relies on the material being tempered steel for its strength .




New part if it is economical to change . Insurance best option .



As said see what BPW say also.



Keep us informed of the outcome




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If it's possible to get near the cracks with a small angle grinder just "V" out the cracks and heavy weld with an alloy rod if alloy chassis. Drilling a small hole at each end of the crack before welding is a good idea.

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Looks like a galvanised chassis, does the crack extend into the steel or is it the galvanising that has cracked, that does not look like a stress crack more a manufacturing defect that was covered up by the galvanising, it just taken a few years to crack the zinc galvanising which is considerably more malleable than steel. Are the bolts tight as loose bolts could also cause this.

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As above, maybe a fish plate on the other side would ease the pressure and relieve the tension :unsure:


or am I thinking of Anadin :rolleyes:

Paul B

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