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Just joined up but long time lurker.

We bought our van new in 2012,never owned a van before so a lot of learning was required and learn we did thanks to the information from this site and others like it, thank you.

Ours is an elddis avante 564, bought it because the layout really suits us, front lounge, mid lounge and large(ish) rear bathroom. Usually its only the two of us and two dogs who go touring but sometimes the grandson tags along, hes 8.

The van has been great, a few we problems like all vans, fire wont work on gas dealer has tried to fix it but the fire problem is connected to a bigger problem.

At the moment the van is at Elddis for what we thought would be warranty work but they contacted us to say sorry its insurance work, we are not happy not happy at all, the axle has moved 5mm and that has caused a breakage on an internal wall and is also the cause of the fire not working on gas, elddis tech phoned me to tell me that i have either hit a massive pothole or went over a sleeping policeman to hard or bounced it over kerbs, absolute garbage, we want the van fixed and back to us so we contacted our insurance, they told us to, for a claim form and one of the questions asked us how the damage occurred, of course we dont know because none of the techs claims ring true with us, we would know if we did anything like they claim.

Sorry about the intro post but we are so angry over this.


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:welcome: and I hope it all gets sorted soon.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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