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Unicorn Cadiz 3 External Satellite Connection

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Does anyone know the correct size F plug to fit the above. I have never used it yet and the F plugs I have dont fit. I dont have a satellite system, but will reconfigure to use normal Tv input.

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In fact there are several different sizes of F connector plugs to suit different types/sizes of plug.

See here, http://www. screwfix. com/c/electrical-lighting/lead-connectors/cat830560#category=cat830560&sort_by=price scroll down you will find several variations.


If you can, cut off a couple of inches of cable and nip to your local electrical outlet so you can get the correct size to fit.

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what are you trying to do - as said above an Fplug fits an F-socket. It's the cable entry into the plug that's different so you need to match the cable & plug.

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