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Service Area For A Rest Break Between St Helens And Criccieth

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Cary and I are travelling down to Criccieth from St Helens towing the caravan. Cary is saying that she needs a stop-off about half way to stretch her legs as otherwise they get stiff - old age?!! We'll be travelling via the A55. Can anyone recommend a caravan suitable Services somewhere between Abergele and Conwy on that route. We've travelled this A55 many times but never bothered stopping enroute and many of the Service areas look rather small.




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Hi Tim,


For a road that is often chock-a-block with caravans, there's not much in the way of services along the A55 where you can easily park an outfit.


Do you actually need "services", ie, fuel, toilets, cafe, etc . .. or just somewhere to park the van for half an hour?


If it's the latter, then there's plenty of large lay-bys, or you could possibly drop down to the prom at Colwyn Bay (Junction 21?).


If you do want Services, look here.


Good luck, John

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If you come off the A55 at the Llanberis turnoff there's a decent sized parking area at the services immediately after the junction. Used it several times no problem.

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Hi Tim


If you are going past Conwy there is a long lay by after the Conwy tunnel and just before the penmaar (spelt wrong!) tunnel, which I have used when the girls needed an urgent toilet stop on the way to Anglesey! There is plenty of room to park and have a leg stretch and you are shielded from the road by some buildings.


The service areas before that are lacking in space as we have used the one with the macdonalds on numerous occasions and usually end up parked on the slip road on the way out!


There is also a layby at the bottom of the rehault hill which I have seen people parked up at but you are right next to the A55


Hope this helps



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Thanks Mal and John for your comments, however, we'd prefer not to come off the A55 if possible and so we'll try Mike's suggestion.


Hi Mike


Thanks that very helpful, we will give your laybay after the Conwy Tunnel a try. We only need somewhere for Cary, and me if I'm honest, to stretch our legs. I did offer her the option of driving instead of me but she said that makes her legs more stiff!!!


Although we have towed along the A55 many times we have not recently bothered stopping as we have not needed "emergency" stops for the children for many years and our journeys were usually only to Anglesey or thereabouts!! Your comments on the "Mc D" Service area confirmed my memories from when we DID have to make "emergency" stops!!


Thanks again. Best wishes to you and the family.


Tim and Cary.

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