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Instatracker & Instamapper

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InstaMapper is a free to use tracking service for your smartphone or GPS tracking device, including their own InstaTracker which is a small portable GPS device that looks very similar to a Xexun TK102.


http://www. insta-mapper. com/insta-tracker/

http://www. insta-mapper. com/works/


Has anyone any experience of these? What are your thoughts?



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Hi Limcc

Looks very interesting and I guess it is quite expensive as a price isn't mentioned! And appears to be quite sophisticated one would hope to get reduction on your insurance for having them fitted.


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Maybe not so expensive. You can use a third party tracking device (£25 - £60 Ebay or Amazon) and use the service for free (only cost is text messages).


If anyone gives the service a try, please post your review here. I think I going to give it a go initially to keep track of the family smartphone whereabouts. It said for a small fee this can also be done invisibly on the end-user phone. Great if they were to get stolen.

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I would check whether the police would respond to you giving them directions to follow your stolen caravan?

I would hope they want to improve their crime detection statistics. Maybe when it had stopped moving! Personally I'd be tailing it real-time and tell them I was going to confront them so they'd better get someone and fast.


Shame. I doubt there's any insurance discount to be had for DIY trackers. Maybe if the van is a few years old some wouldn't bother insuring at all. In this case they definitely want the van back.

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