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Well Done Northern Farm.

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Im away at the moment, at brean sands.


After setting up yesterday and coming in to settle down, i noted the battery voltage was below 13v, left it last night but got up to check the kettle lead was in the charger (it was).


Basically, the battery charger in the pdu was kaput.


So i called Swindon Caravans to check my insured warranty was still valid (it is to the tune of 5 days).


They gave me the info on how to claim, so i called mb&g warranty who gave me my policy number.


A quick call to Northern Farm caravans (only a few hundred yards down the road) and they said to bring the charger down.


They checked it out, confirmed the charger was faulty, got me a new one out, took my warranty details, and off i went, fitted and now fixed.


Brilliant 😀

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Northam Farm have a good reputation in that area. I have also used their services.

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As a bonus i have the old one too. ... I shall remove the casing when i get home and see whats fried, might be repairable!

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