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No, not ideal at all VC. Having read in an earlier post that the advent of SoLiD brought reccs from the adhesive manufacturer that Heki roofs no longer required timber framing but not to be over tightened so as to distort the roof, and bearing in mind both my Heki and Markt1891's leaked from the corners I think the problem is that these Heki's have screw fixings along long and short sides but not on the corners (corners would be tightened by the timber frame making up for the lack of screws in the corners and allowing the roof to be tightened down further as less possibility of roof distorting). The corner on ours was where it leaked and the adhesive had not adhered to the flange on the Heki - maybe because it could not be tightened sufficiently due to concerns of the roof panel distorting????



With regard to your last sentence about the adhesive not sticking, in the videos on Elddis's website, it clearly shows them heating up a locker frame (similar to the heki frame) with a small blow torch before applying the adhesive to make sure it bonds correctly.

Is this another area where they are not doing as they show in the videos?

It's all well and good doing everything by the book for the camera's, but when those camera's are no longer filming it would seem that book is well and truly thrown out.

Such a shame that the manufacturer doesn't contribute, and provide a definitive answer.


What, like they did with the twig aerial ;)

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Over the past few weeks I have bene compiling a list of things to check when we take delivery of our Buccaneer. So far I have come up with the following;


1) Screws under bed

2) Fly screen opening and closing

3) Wiring in light

4) Shower head on rail

5) Untidy wiring by wall panels

6) Water from fridge when it defrosts?

7) Wood surround or battens on overhead apertures

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I think the best advice for anybody looking to purchase any van from the Explorer group with doubts whether the timber supports are fitted, is to ask their dealer to remove the internal cover for you to be able to check.

Any dealer worth their salt I'm sure would let you do this, it's easy to do, and if they are not there then simply walk away citing your concerns with the dealer.

If more and more people do this, the Explorer group might finally get the message, that the buying public are no longer willing to put up with what is basically penny pinching, and is going against what is shown in their own videos.

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