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Hi Everyone Newbie Here

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hi everyone

I am a complete novice needs loads of advice have been learning on the internet

what we want to do is buy our first caravan we have looked at a few in caravan show rooms

we are after a 4 or 5 berth

how much do we spend do we get a good one to start with or a cheapie

I think we would rather a decent clean caravan as we would be using it for local weekend away and longer holidays in the summer

when would be the best time to buy

do we join camping and caravan club or caravan club

do we buy private or dealer

need to know so much

I hear that there is a exhibition at the nec next month would that help us

really want to learn so much

be great to meet experienced caravan owners


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Welcome to the forum


NEC Caravan show would be a good start (but keep a tight grip on your wallet !)


You should be able to find a caravan layout that suits your requirements.


If you are buying second hand I would recommend a dealer rather than private as you should then get after sales support.


I would also suggest a dealer which is fairly close to you so if you need to take the van to get things fixed its not too far to go.


Insist on a full damp report.


As to which club - people on the forum will recommend both and neither, why not join both for one year and try them out.

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:welcome: We hope your experience in your new hobby is as good as ours is.

You will be governed by the weight your car can tow, as to what size caravan you can buy.

I personally think if you are buying used then the end of the season is the better time to buy, the only thing is if you do, you will be itching to get out there and enjoy it, and your choice of sites will be limited.

Again if you are buying used, if you know someone who caravans, take them along armed with a damp meter, as damp is I would say the costliest problem you would have, if it needs putting right.

As for joining a club it is down to personal choice, they both offer a good service, re- sites and insurance, and breakdown cover. (at extra charge). there is a separate forum on the CT site which debates the ins and outs, so take a look.

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Hi Chris. The Best advice i can give is first check for damp / water ingress even brand new caravans can and do suffer with this. also check the floor for spongy / springy feeling . ..If found just walk away . ..


I believe the best time to buy is at the end of the season.


Private or dealer ? who ever gives you the deal your happy with .


I don't belong to any club (some will say you get better deals ie insurance or ferry crossings with a club) but I can and do negotiate better deals for myself.


NEC not for me to crowded been once and never again . ..One plus though is you can get a free 10 minute towing experience or you could when I went.


You will know when you find the right caravan and just enjoy every outing


All the above are just my beliefs and others may disagree . ..



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Welcome to the forum! :welcome: You need to go and look at as many caravans as you can, to

establish exactly what you require. The NEC caravan show is the ideal start.

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thanks guys for your replies

getting really excited about this now

could possibly go up to £7500 for caravan

looked at some with a fixed but do you find that you loose the space of the bed during the day

looking for space really so we don't all feel cramped up

really want to get so much knowledge before we buy as want to get the right caravan for us

many thanks you all sound lovely people

keep the replys coming

thanks for the welcome bill

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:welcome: Do go to dealers and sit in the vans and imagine yourself living in them. We are all different - some like a big toilet, shower area, some don't and want more living space, some want a fixed made-up double, some don't.

Our local dealers leave all the vans open and let us wander around without being bothered by salespeople.


Most of all, do enjoy the experience of looking and buying.

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Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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Hello and welcome.


It is the right time to buy a caravan. You have good money to spend should get a good one for that. But you will need to find what works for you . So as has been said go to a dealers and look around. The nec show is good but also has been said is crowded.

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Hi there. Yes you've had some good advice already I've been caravaning for nearly 15 years. Bought private and from dealers damp is your main enemy always take a damp meter and don't be afraid of pulling out seat cushions etc if you have young children go for fixed bunks there's nothing worse than coming in at night and having to make up beds. If you go for a dealer go to as many as you can and HAGGLE remember they want your money more than you want there product above all enjoy we all started like you and I've always found if you're on a campsite with a problem you'll always get help from other campers

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