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Water Leak Near Kitchen, Help!

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Hi, we have a 2003 Swift Celeste which we have just acquired. On cleaning through the water system before our first trip we discovered water dripping from near side wheel arch from kitchen side onto floor. There is also a small amount of water in the inside cupboard where I can see wheel arch and also where all the gas taps are.


How can I trace the leak as I can't remove any draws (is there a special Knack!?), or the Thetford fridge to see what's behind. Any advice greatly received.


We do have a service engineer coming out soon so should I leave it to him?

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Normally, to remove the drawer, pull it right out, lower it, and lift the back. Replacement is the

opposite operation. It sounds as though the waste pipe has come away. The engineer will soon

sort it out. Is he coming before you go away?

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We had the wastepipe come apart on the last day of a recent trip. I don't think we'd washed up in the van for the whole week so hadn't noticed it before. Simple job to just push it back together. .. if you can get to it


The part I find most frustrating is that they are only a push fitting. Mine aren't any more, they are now glued.

Cruzer, aka Colin

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