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Tacky/grubby Synthetic Rubber Covering.

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Hi to all of you snappers out there. Well after many many years of using my faithful old from new Yashica 230AF and having bought a few Fuji FinePix digital cameras I have added a couple more film cameras to the stable.

The latest acquisition is a rather mint Nikon F80 with a Nikkor 28-80 and a Cosina 100-300 macro lens.

One of the earlier "other" cameras has a synthetic rubber covering that is on the front,both sides and around the back of the body. Indeed everywhere that the fingers land and need to hold.

It needed (for my liking) some serious looking at.

What do those of you that have encountered this issue use and how do you go about it without serious risk of wetting the camera controls and getting your cleaning product/agent into where it cannot be got-at ?


I have already very successfully achieved a very very clean and totally acceptable finish on the camera body again BUT before I disclose my own method - it would be nice to hear from yourselves on the issue.


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