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Curving Awning Skirt Around The Wheel Arch + Pics


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To allow the awning skirt + draught excluder to curve around the wheel arch cover where the figure 8 strip would normally bow out and tension the fabric, just cut a dozen 1" pieces from your figure 8 strip and use half a dozen of them at each end of the joint.


This allows the figure 8 strip to smoothly articulate ("articul-8") around the wheel arch cover - inspired by the X ray of a spinal injury patient.


Be patient when first connecting the draught excluder to the awning skirt, all those little pieces are a real fiddle - but its worth it as it looks really neat.


A hacksaw will cut the plastic readily and a small needle file will clean up the burred plastic after sawing.


Pictures available soon for those interested.

Pictures online now


Little sections : http://www. mcelroy. plus. com/DSCF0315. JPG

One end : http://www. mcelroy. plus. com/DSCF0316. JPG

The whole thing : http://www. mcelroy. plus. com/DSCF0317. JPG



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