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Interior Painting - Type Paint, Method Advised?

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This might seem to be a daft question, but my daughter has a caravan bought from a holiday park, living on a farm. She is bored with the interior wall colour. Is there any particular paint, make or type of painting (brush roller etc) which anyone can advise on please to spruce up her home. I'm nervous of just launching into the wrong 'improvement' and finding the paint just falls or chips off etc. Huge thanks in anticipation of your replies. Wudgee.

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Welcome to the forum! :welcome: Any good quality emulsion paint would be suitable. Use a

roller. If there are any damp issues, such as condensation, suggest using kitchen and bathroom type

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I use vinyl emulsion and a small roller and cut in with a 1/2 brush when I have painted inside caravans .


Make sure it is washed down first to remove grease and dirt.






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Use as big a brush as you can for cutting in. A two to two and a half inch brush is about right. Having been in the trade all my life trust me! Kitchen and bathroom emulsion with mould inhibitor would be best in most situations 

Happy painting -Pip1

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