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Hi, everyone. We live in Pembrokeshire and have been caravanning for over 12 years, separately and then together. We have a 2012 Swift Conqueror 480, which we are selling and moving over into the world of motorhomes (bought a new Ford Transit Custom and having it converted to our own design). Dairy farmer hubby is a mountain biker and we also often travel with our 2 dogs, so need a garage/doggy area, as well as a fixed bed.


I have Fibromyalgia and various other health issues, and when at home I enjoy looking after all of our animals (including 2 ponies and a donkey), crafting (papercraft, sewing, embroidery and needle felting), gardening, reading and watching tv.


We both love F1 - went to Silverstone together for the first time this year - and obviously travelling.


If anyone can advise on the best way to sell our caravan, please comment. Getting offers about £1k below the book price. Hubby has been keen to hang on and get a better possible price by selling privately, but I must admit I just want our drive back now! Swifty the Caravan is fantastic and really needs to be out on holidays - especially with the Alde wet central heating for the coming winter.

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I asked this question on here some weeks ago and was advised CC classified if you are a member as it is free as is the classified section on here. Also advertise for free on Gumtree and Preloved. Our friend is selling her caravan priced at £6000 and we are selling ours at just under £14000 and both of us have had two enquiries in the last month so I don't think it is a good time to be selling. I have given in and paid £25 to advertise on Caravanfinder where the advert can stay up to a year and she paid to advertise in Autotrader.

I think if I were you and can get an offer of £1000 under the list price I would take it. We are fortunate that the dealer we are buying from will take ours in px but our friend is giving up caravanning so is not so lucky.

Kia Sorrento towing a Coachman VIP 575/4


Our blog: jennyandjohngocaravanning. wordpress. com

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Hello and welcome :)

Jeep Grand Cherokee S Limited

2014 Crusader Storm :D

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