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Remis Roof Vent

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My Hobby 540UK has the outer skin of the B/room roof vent missing. I understand that this was a problem which was made the subject of a recall.


I was advised by members of the Hobby Owners forum to email Remis, the manufacturer, which I did, but got no reply.


I am coming to the conclusion that the email address is no longer valid and I was wondering if anyone has an up to date email address for Remis Customer Service?


I understand that I can get the part from Hobby UK but as Remis were sending the parts free of charge and postage free I thought I would try them first.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Remis is part of the Dometic Group.

Contact Dometic at Blandford Forum



Remis is not part of the Dometic Group. They are arrival company.



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