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Cherbourg To Benidorm

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We traveling on 29/12/2014 to Benidorm from Cherbourg, any advice on best routes with or without tolls also best sites to stay at, we towing a caravan and have dogs so need sites that take dogs.

Thank you.

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Depending on how long you have! That is a very long way to go without using toll roads, so I would recommend toll roads for the bulk of the journey, unless you have weeks, then non toll will do it eventually. I went to the south of France and just followed the satnav the whole way.

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Assuming you arrive Cherbourg at a reasonable time!

(ACSI numbers are this years book)


First stop Les Acacias, Tours, ACSI 1631. Has had good reviews. We are trying it for first time beginning of December.

Tours to Bordeaux either on toll road A10 or on toll free N10 via Poitiers, Angouleme, dual carriageway most of way.

Second stop, Village Du Lac, Bordeaux. ACSI 1454. I believe this is used as an overnight by Caravan Club. We are trying it in December.

Now a toll road from Bordeaux to St Jean de Luz, N10/A10

Possible 2nd or 3rd. La Rouletta, Urrugne, ACSI 1545. We have used this several times. A nice site, supermarket close by. Good for a few nights. Excellent Croissants provided by friendly but eccentric Basque owner.

Next you can either go Zaragoza (Camping Cuidad de Zaragoza adequate for an overnight), then hit the coast at Valencia, after which loads of sites.

Or Burgos, Fuentes Blancas ACSI 2395, again good reviews and our target for December. Burgos is well worth a day's break.

then Riaza, half way between Burgos & Madrid ACSI 2398, good reports

Aranjuez, Camping International, ACSI 2402. Aranjuez worth a day, plus an easy train ride if you want to go into Madrid. NB central Spain is very cold in December January. Madrid in mid January 2012 well below zero.

then A30/A31 via Albacete to the coast.


All the sites I have mentioned take dogs, some require leads and some will charge.


Hope this helps. Bon Voyage

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You might find it a long way getting to Tours after arriving at Cherbourg at 1. 15. It's about 5 hours to Tours, and you'll get there at 7. 30 assuming that you don't stop on the way.

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Thanks Not so big John we will have a look over the next week, as Drummond says it may be a little to far for Tours but we are sure with C/c book & ACSI we will be able to find a site (if ACSI book arrives in time we are leaving on 23rd Dec to stay at sons before going to Poole. We have stayed the last 2 years at Burgos so may look for another site.

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